How to pose, where to look, how to stand and where to see; these questions always pop in the mind of every bride and groom as you are mostly out of ideas at the time of your wedding photo shoot.

Your photographer will be equipped with photography ideas for sure, but then, it’s your big day! You should voice out your thoughts as well, and for that you should know about the must have wedding poses so that you don’t miss out on any good ones.

The Wedding Ring Poses

The Wedding Ring pose:

Your wedding ring is the most essential part of your life as that ties you in an inseparable bond with your partner. Start your wedding photography by a beautiful shot displaying your wedding ring.

The Close-Up Poses

The close-up pose:

Common but yet traditional, this is the pose where you have to be up and close with your partner. You will get some great candid shots out of this so just hold your partner in your arms and start posing.

The Swing PosesThe swing pose:

This one is a livelier pose as it adds motion to the whole picture. But be sure that the groom is able to balance the bride’s weight as he goes swinging. But how about, if the bride picks up the groom? Quite unconventional!

The Carry Poses

The carry pose:

The next must have is the carry pose. Here it takes a little more strength for the groom to carry the bride in his arms and click a striking pose. But the outcome is worth it!

The Penguin Kiss PosesThe penguin kiss pose:

It may seem a funny one but nothing matters if your picture comes out well. It is called the penguin kiss because the bride and groom have to point their ends out and kiss like penguins. Isn’t that cute!

The Walking PosesThe walking pose:

It is also quite common but a natural pose always works out. It pictures the depth of your affection towards each other as you walk hand in hand.

The Dip PoseThe dip pose:

So the groom has to pounce down enough to make the pose work. If you find it hard to travel to tons of places just to find the perfect photography spot then go on and hire Cheap Limo Service Near Me as they will provide you the best Limo Service Near Me, whether you travel alone or in a group.


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