Now that it is the time prior to “here comes the bride”, being the bridesmaid.

The clock must be ticking for you to throw the most epic Bridal Shower Themes for your best friend/sister. Just like the wedding day, this day would be marked in your friend’s life with full glory.

Here are some Bridal Shower Themes by for planning a bridal shower to not only make it aesthetically appealing, but also to add a sentimental touch to it:

1.A Vintage Affair

Going vintage won’t require you to pull off a granny print, but it just might have a granny couch in the living room. With the set close to an 80’s and a retro look about it, you can add the treats and the costumes in the same manner. And who says the entire party has to be in the old-fashioned manner? Creativity knows no bounds.

2.The Princess’ Ball

Your beloved bride-to-e would definitely feel like a princess on her big day, so why not provide for her a ladies’ ball with her best friends and sisters to enjoy without having the fear of slipping her glass sandals or that of the clock striking twelve? A princess theme would involve costumes in the Disney style and the decorations could come in various shades and contrasts. Just pick out the Disney movie which is your friend’s all time favorite (you know her well to be her bridesmaid, right?) and set the theme accordingly.

3.The Splashy One

It would be wonderful to pull off a beach wedding, but what if you can’t manage it? Well, there are always risks involved while planning a bridal shower, but arrange it on the beach with a beautiful aqua canopy and take some exotic time out with the sea breeze and salt-water splashing at your feet. You could also hire spa services for amazing foot massages and facials as you enjoy your cocktails on the soft sand. Wait; watch out for sunburn though!

4.The Floral Flare

From the dress prints to the table arrangements, from the tiaras to the ceiling decorations- go all floral and enjoy the natural feeling of energy and bliss amidst the nature and vibrant colors as the party proceeds.

5.Going French

From French macaroons to the soft teal candelabra and from wax seals on invitations to tinkling of glasses filled with Château Rayas – French is one word to define an elaborate idea for a bridal shower.

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