Jacob was the kind of father who is not just doting, but a bit overprotective.

When his daughter was planning to go to prom with her boyfriend, Jacob was thinking about driving them. He knew he can that his daughter’s boyfriend drive and that he seemed responsible and safe, but this was prom; he knew the challenges and staying safe on prom night. He simply never thought about a Cheap Limo Service Near Me.

Jacob Argued with His Daughter.

The fact of him planning to drive was the point of contention. It was creating a rift in their relationship. So, he made it clear he was not going to allow her or her boyfriend or any of their friends to drive to and from prom.

They Reached A Compromise.

Jacob agreed to look into a Pittsburgh Limo Service Near Me. He wanted to make sure the company was going to be a safe alternative for his daughter. He asked the representative at the company numerous questions.

He Asked About Their Safety Record.

He asked about their history, how long they had been in business, and what their focus was on with regard to safety. He discovered this company had been around for two decades, was family owned and operated, and put safety as the top priority. They hired only the safest drivers, provides them safe driver training, and random drug testing. They also had nothing but late-model vehicles that went through a multipoint inspection consistently to ensure safe operation every single time.

When he found this out, Jacob was comfortable in sending his teenage daughter off on prom night, especially considering he could check in with the company any time of the day or night. You need to be Ensure for your child’s safety on prom night. Make sure prom night to remember with Limousine company.


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