Some of you might be wondering what is a charge? It has nothing to do with money or LA Limos.

A charge is most often found in traditional Christian weddings. A charge is when the minister that is marrying the couple will directly speak to the couple with a few sentences. In essence the minister speaks to them to provide positive feedback, this can come in many forms.

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Recommendation of what they should do, for example: continue to provide love for each other in all circumstances. They may give advice, for example: advising them to be loyal to each other always.

The minister may also just speak to reaffirm why they are coming together. For example: let love be your guide in your relationship. And solve all your problems, as it has lead you here.

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A charge may be most common in Christian weddings. But there is no reason that they can’t be used in all different types of religious, or non-religious weddings.

Before you hop in your Cheap Limo Service Near Me loves go run off to get married, think about the little things. After all, a charge is what you will be hearing right before the groom kisses the bride!

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