If you are planning to have fun with your friends at one of the longest running festivals in the country, then look no further than the Wichita River Festival. If you are from the west coast such as San Diego and want to leave the Californian life for something more mid-western then head over to Wichita in Kansas for a 9 day trip of partying. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Hire A Cheap Car Service Near Me

Cheap Car Service Near Me
Cheap Car Service Near Me

If you are coming from California such as LA or San Diego then hire a car service to the airport, it’s also recommended to get a car service once you land at Wichita Airport and tell the driver to take you to the hotel nearest to the Wichita River Festival. If you are group of friends then booking a party bus service will be a whole lot of fun. You might have a cheap limo service near me back in San Diego or LA but once you use one at the festival, it’s going to get wild.

Cheap Limo Services Near Me
Cheap Limo Service Near Me

  • Music

If you are a music lover then you are in for a treat because the Wichita River Festival is a 9 day pure bliss because of the various concerts and musical nights it has to offer.

  • Games and Shopping

There are various sporting events and competitions, games and other fun activities that will keep you and your friends busy all the time. So make the most of it before you head back to your hotel in the party bus service. You can also get different souvenirs or memorabilia from the flea market to take back home in San Diego from the Wichita River Festival.


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