No matter how many times you answer these Wedding Etiquette Questions.

There will always be some relatives bugging you with the same questions as soon as they receive the invitation for your wedding.

It is time we offer suitable and smart answers to tackle the biggest wedding etiquette questions.

Tactfully handle guests who wish to bring their children along when they aren’t invited.

If you are still receiving emails from your guests after you have mentioned that the ceremony will be an adults-only affair, call them up and let them know that you can entertain adults only. Don’t let them persuade you with their excuses. Simply say that you would have loved if they attended but if its is not possible for them, you don’t mind.

Will it be okay if I invite my ex to the wedding?

Why would you want to unless you want to make your partner and your guests uncomfortable? Even if you are really good friends with them, inviting them to an event where you are committing yourself to someone else just seems awkward and will create unnecessary tension.

Responsibilities of the best man

There is no in-between way than to make a checklist of all the duties you expect your best man to handle. Here are things he needs to handle:

  • Stage the bachelor party
  • Help with the fittings of the groomsmen’s formal attire
  • Pick  up the groom’s dress
  • Confirm travel reservations of the honeymoon
  • Orchestrate the rehearsal party toasts
  • Ensure that the groom reaches the venue on time.
  • Bring the ring.
  • Sign as witness on the marriage license.
  • Dance with the maid of honor.
  • Prep the groom for pictures
  • Make toast at the reception
  • Make sure the getaway car is ready with the couple’s luggage.
  • Lastly, ensure all rental attire is returned.

Responsibilities of the maid of honor (bridesmaid)

Again, no better way than to make a checklist of the duties your bridesmaid is supposed to carry out. Here’s what she needs to do:

  • Make herself available for all dress fittings
  • Organize a bridal shower
  • Help the bride and her family with wedding invitations.
  • Keep the bride’s dress with her on the big day
  • Accompany her to the venue
  • Precede the bride and her father to the aisle
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet at the alter
  • Carry the groom’s ring
  • Sign the marriage license as witness
  • Dance with the best man at the reception
  • Help the bride change clothes before she leaves for her honeymoon
  • Ensure the dress and bouquet is taken care of for the bride when she returns.
When is the best time to send thank you notes?

Even though there aren’t any particulars about the right time, it is customary to send thank you cards within the three months after your wedding.

Even if you and your guests follow these wedding etiquette to the core, your big day may still end up as a failure if the wedding rides are late or worse, don’t show up at all. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, Pittsburgh Airport Limo are here to offer our expert assistance. We are among the few very best, Cheap Car Service and limousine providers in entire USA and have catered many successful events.


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